dried moonlight

Perceptions of the day / weak and plain Like sweet honey / getting older Without values / without direction

I create a night of dried moonlight.

Snow falls everywhere / against the red smoke, Over the chimneys / over small houses, The quiet faces / blew out the fire

Inside the heart / of independent moons.

Perceptions of the day / for the old man Framed by the window / the face slowly bent, Over the pillow / and turns towards

a long sleep / inside the fragrance

of dried moonlight.


the young man

The silence of the minority Can’t break the wall of waves. Inside the glass of water
In the hand of the young man. With his dream of social wonders Inside the cage of life.

The quietness of the lonely ones Can’t wake up the sweet sleep Of the injured innocence Behind the drunken hills.
On the river of innocence He lost his hopeful fears.

And the breeze of vanity Caresses the blue grass of home, With the holiness
And the glory of the sun; And the dream of immortality Dies under the black sun.

And the breeze of social wonders Blew him on top of the hill. Inside the dream of social wonders Inside the cage of life,
And he won’t slip down,
He can’t slip down.



This world is a better world When the mist comes down. To sign the chimeras
Inside the trees on the other side.

The shapes aren’t plain, The shapes aren’t plain.

And I crawl through the underwood Of my brain, on motionless days. Introduce me to the company Which follows my trace.

They’re bigger than me, Bigger than me.

But it’s good, so good that they don’t know That I’m the brave man
And I live in the underwood
Of my brain, on motionless days.

There’s shooting in the underwood When the mist comes down And the milky rain dries the blood Of killed shades on the other side.

They’re soggy and plain, Strong and plain.

And suddenly, I don’t know That I’m a brave manFor life in the underwood
Of my brain, on motionless days ...


all lyrics by joachim kupke